Why Did You Kick My Dog

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9 Highly Successful Internet Sensations We Have Love-Hate Relationships With

As of November 2014, the video ranks as the third most viewed video on YouTube with nearly 800 million views. “Charlie bit me!”, he observes and puts his finger back into Charlie’s mouth, which gets it bitten harder. In response to requests from viewers online the family created “Charlie Bit My Finger” T-shirts, mugs and limited edition calendars. The dancing style should not be confused with the original “Harlem Shake” dance. Harlem Shake hit the 1 billion view mark on 24th March 24 2013, just 40 days after its first upload.

You KICKED my DOG!! Lyrics / Transcript

Here is the script (aka transcript, lyrics), if you have trouble understanding the words or for some other reason. Kerpal: Kerpal. Kerpal: Your daughter kicked my dog. We don't know Kerpal. Daughter: Don't tell me to shut up, I did not -Kerpal: Shut up!

Why Does My Dog Eat Pine Cones

Dogs and PineconesCan Dogs Eat Pinecones? The answer is No; dogs shouldn’t eat pinecones. Pinecones aren’t toxic or poisonous to dogs, which is a...
Alice J. Allen
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Why Does My Dog Keep Sticking His Tongue Out

Here are some reasons why your dog may be sticking out his tongue:PantingPanting is a cooling mechanism used by your pet. It is defined...
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Why Does My Dog Bark At Me And Not…

The first six months he lived with us, we didn’t even think he knewto bark. A few months ago he started a new habit...
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